About The Author

Donald Joiner, a lifelong resident of Georgia, a USCG veteran, has been a history teacher, school principal, school system superintendent, banker, and president of a real estate appraisal firm. He is married, father of four grown children, and has four grandchildren. He has been a Sunday school teacher in his church for over thirty-five years. Throughout his working career and during retirement he has continued to be an avid student of history with a special affinity for the Apostolic era in early Christian history.

Also by Don Joiner: Faith of Our Fathers

Faith of Our Fathers cover

Faith of Our Fathers features color photographs and brief histories of more than a hundred of the oldest, most historic, still-standing church buildings in the State of Georgia dating from before the American Revolution to the last year of the Civil War. One hundred and nine churches were constructed between 1769 and 1865, and many of these historic buildings remain today exactly as they were when built. Some have been extensively renovated, but all of them are witnesses to the panorama of Georgia history. Some of the churches were there when Georgia colonists gained their freedom from Great Britain, while others were there when members of their congregations marched off to the War with Mexico. But all of them were mute witnesses to the terrible years of the Civil War in Georgia when brother fought brother from the mountains of Chickamauga through the destruction of Atlanta to the surrender of Savannah in 1864.