Chapter 5

Hakim hurried down the alley on the outskirts of Tikrit a hundred or so miles northwest of Baghdad. Thus far, he’d avoided the numerous American armored patrols that frequently crisscrossed the streets in this restive city, but soon the sun would set, and darkness would render him safe. He knew the Americans pulled their patrols after dark to avoid the IEDs planted by the city’s numerous insurgents. The absence of the Americans allowed the members of the dominant insurgent group, his own beloved group, Martyr’s Revenge, and their imam to meet without fear of arrest to plan new strategies for driving the despised infidel from the land.
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Chapter 6

“What I’ve been told, Mr. Monroe, is that you bring with you an antique manuscript that’s journeyed all the way from Iraq. I can understand your concerns about its fragile nature due to its presumed great age, but you’ll be pleased to know we’re now in a climate controlled room designed for situations such as this. I hope you won’t be alarmed when I tell you most of the books brought to me are not nearly as old as their custodians might believe. Most, in fact, are from the past two centuries. May I ask you to place the manuscript on the table for our initial review?” said the linguist as he put on a pair of white cotton gloves. Then he looked at Ken, smiled, and said, “Please, don’t worry about its condition or our handling of it. From this point onward we will observe all conservator amenities as though we were examining the Declaration of Independence.”
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Chapter 12

Peter rose and said to them, “My brothers, listen to me. All along, it has been God’s plan that I was meant to bring the good news to the Gentiles as well as to the Jews. God has made it clear to me and to my brothers in Jerusalem, those who were our Lord’s companions, that he loves all men, Jew and Gentile alike, and that he makes no distinction between them. This he demonstrated by giving the Holy Spirit in equal measure to Jew and Gentile alike. Since he has plainly shown that he loves Jew and Gentile equally, my brothers in Jerusalem and I have agreed that no further burden be placed on the Gentile believers than that they refrain from eating food dedicated to idols, meat that has been strangled, and that they refrain from illicit sexual encounters.”
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