Reviews of The Antioch Testament

"The Antioch Testament by Donald Joiner is written well. There is not a single error to find. The characterization is great, and it gives off a Dan Brownish vibe. You have to give credit where credit is due. The dialogue was crisp and suited according to each character's personality (which is always a plus in my opinion). The imagery was vivid. I enjoyed this book."
– R.T. for Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"The Antioch Testament ...opens a hidden doorway into early church history. Those intrigued by church history will be absorbed by the fictional liberties taken to enhance the characters and livelihood of the early leaders of Christianity. This account certainly quenches the thirst of the parched and longing church historian...Joiner pens a few inspirational images within the abundance of ancient biblical data, my favorite being his descriptions of lies, "They are nothing but mists in the night, soon to be dissipated by the light of the new sun."
– C.R.- book reviewer on Amazon

"The Antioch Testament is a great book. I started it in the evening, planning to read only a few chapters before bed. Instead, I was up all night until well in the morning, obsessively turning the pages until I got to the very end."
– T.S. - book reviewer on Amazon

"The Antioch Testament is written, Epistle style, from the perspective of Ignatius of Antioch, one of the earliest Church fathers. While obviously a work of fiction, it is equally obvious that author Joiner is heavily invested in historical accuracy and evidence. As one who holds a degree in history I loved the retelling of some of the lives of Jesus’ disciples persevering on the mission He gave"
– E. - book reviewer on Barnes & Noble

"Donald Joiner's 'The Antioch Testament' is a religious mystery wrapped in a political spy thriller that you is quite an interesting read. A debut novel from an ex-soldier whose military knowledge clearly shines on the page at the offset as we follow a mysterious document that was recovered in Iraq by Charles Monroe. It winds up in the United States and its translations give a completely different spin on what happened to Jesuss apostles.
– S.C. - independent book reviewer

"If you wonder what may have happened to the apostles throughout their lives, this historical fiction with a plethora of detail may be engaging and educational.
– C.W. Top 500 reviewer Vine Voice book

"Best book I have read in a while. I enjoyed it so much I ordered five copies to give as gifts to good friends. A great read. I especially enjoyed the way the author was able to weave Biblical history into the present with the finding of the important documents and having them translated. I didn't want the book to end!
– M.C. independent reviewer

"Vivid writing and tremendous action support the emotion of The Antioch Testament by Donald Joiner. The stories of the Apostles and other Christian faithful come to life in the descriptions of their service to the Lord in the spreading of the “Good News.” With plenty of historical facts culled from countless sources, Joiner provides a realistic look at what these brave men and women accomplished in the early years of the Christian faith against horrible odds and in the face of extreme persecution. This is a well written narrative that reinforces your belief in the power of Christ’s message.
– M.H. book reviewer on Barnes & Noble